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2015 Calendar

January 9-11
I.Am.Life Evolution Youth Empowerment Gathering
Esalen Institue, Big Sur, CA
I’ll be guiding Council during this Gathering as well as participating in a special evening of music

January 13
Heartbeat Drummers
6:30-7:45 pm, Frame Drummers
7:45-8:30 pm, Djembe
Ojai, CA (email for information)
January 15-19
Dances of Universal Peace
Santa Barbara, CA
January 25, 11:00-12:30
SING! Every Voice Community Song Circle
Ojai, CA (email for details)
February 19 & 20
Margaret Guthman Instrument Design Competition
Atlanta, Georgia
Dulsitar ™ has placed as semi finalist as of 12/21/2014!
February 27 & 28
Gathering For Nature-Based Soul Guides
Ojai, CA
Day 1 Sounding Our Elemental Nature with Judy Piazza
Day 2 Underworld Guide Drumming with Naomi Khan and Bill Plotkin of the Animas Valley Institute
April 8
Rhythms & Songs Around the World
Oxnard Community College, Oxnard, CA
April 10-12
Shakti Sisterhood: A Rites of Passage Empowerment Weekend
Ojai, CA
June 10-14
Ojai Music Festival
Ojai, CA
July 28-Auguat 2
Glastonbury Goddess Festival
Glastonbury, United Kingdom
September 10-13
Goddess Spirit Rising Festival
Simi Valley, CA
October 29-November 1
Daughters of Diana Gathering
Southern California
December 21
Winter Solstice Celebration
The Ojai Foundation