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In addition to the following, I’d be happy to custom design a workshop, concert, class or musical gathering to suit your desires.

DRAWN TO THE RHYTHM: Rhythms from Around the World (workshop)

For all drums, all voices, all levels of experience. Be drawn to the rhythms that heal, inspire, energize, inquire, bless, and express more of who we are as human beings. Explore the vast realm of rhythms from various cultures that have been used for healing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, gathering, etc. Djembes, congas, frames, ashikos, hand percussion of all kinds will be used, and we’ll sing and dance too! Can be tailored especially for women’s gatherings.


FRAME DRUM WORKSHOPS: Tars & Tambourines

Exploring rhythms and techniques of these most ancient drums that were so integral to the goddess cultures of the ancient world. Utilizing Arabic, South Indian, South Italian and North African rhythms and styles of playing on tar (N. African drum), bodhran (Celtic drum), and riqq (Egyptian tambourine), we'll explore the world of rhythm and pulse, and use exercises to nurture our own rhythmic sensibilities. Integrate voice and body to synergize learning and insure a depth of rhythmic experience


DEVOTIONAL VOICE: Healing Chant, Harmonic Singing & The Human Voice

Explore the depth and power of your own natural voice! Experience the synergy of voices joined together! Learn simple, effective ways of using the voice for health, vitality, joy, and freedom. We'll draw inspiration from devotional vocal styles and chants from India, Siberia, North & West Africa, North & South America and Europe in order to stir our own indigenous self.


TUNING THE HUMAN INSTRUMENT: Application & Priciples of Sound Healing

Explore concepts of sound used for health throughout our human existence. Explore tonal qualities and their application to sound healing along with their essential connection to the elements of the natural world. Emphasis will be placed on personal experience and reflection, evaluation tools, and therapeutic value for self as well as for others. Judy holds a B.A. in music therapy, and has been studying the use of sound and rhythm among indigenous peoples for over thirty years



Weaving together a sound landscape with pulsing rhythms on drums from around the world, liquid vocals, native flute, didgeridoo, and alternative dulcimer (& sometimes guitar). Join with this extraordinarily talented woman inspired, studied, and caught up in music and sound traditions near and far. Judy is recognized around the country for her work and music, and has performed with Glen Velez, Ubaka Hill, Gordy Ryan, Russill Paul and others.



One hour presentations or multi-week long residency programs focusing on rhythms and songs from around the world for pre-schoolers up to college students. Youth will love playing with both traditional percussion instruments from around the world as well as "found sound" instruments in the spirit of "Stomp". We'll explore rhythm from many cultures, including West & North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North and South America. We'll play on djembes, congas, doumbeks, frame drums as well as on buckets, pans, all kinds of rattles, sticks, and logs and much more! Custom-designed program with large or small groups to meet your school’s needs.