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Lyrical rhythmsongs and soundscapes created through frame drums, voice, djembe, congas, doumbek, percussion, alternative dulcimer, and didgeridoo in the hands of this extraordinarily talented woman inspired, studied, and caught up in music and sound traditions near and far.

A delight for the spirit,
a balm for the heart,
refreshment for the body,
an elixir for the mind.

"Judy Piazza has created an honest and soul transmitting recording (you can sense the pure intention). The positive energy vibrates with every stroke of a drum and with every lilting vocal note. This record is a pleasure tolisten to, truly heartfelt. EFFORTLESS!!! Simply a beautiful soundscape which touches my heart and makes my soul feel at home."

“Enlightenment Dance: Dancing Your Way to Eternal Bliss” By Hozuhni Rosane Gibson (I’ve played and danced with Hozuhni a number of times in Florida, and am honored to be pictured on the cover of her beautifully written book!)


Write Judy at judypiazza@gmail.com to order Crescent Moon, Manitou, Songs for the Spirit, or Repercussions CD.

Judy is a representative for Cooperman Drums, and has a signature riqq with Coopermam. She is also a Remo artist, and is a representative and educator with Peripole, Inc.

Contact her for more information and for purchase.

Now Available

1. Temple Contemplations 7:28
2. Crescent Moon 4:20
3. Daf Solo 3:45
4. One Breath 5:12
5. My Beloved 5:09
6. Zafiran Trance* 6:29
7. Oxun 3:36
8. Noite De Temporal 7:57
9. Tribute To My Sons 3:05
10. Gamamla 3:09
11. Didgeridoo Over Crescent Moon (Reprise) 2:55

Discography Includes:

Crescent Moon

Repercussions “Repercussions”

Manitou ... recorded live in the Garden of the Gods

Songs For The Spirit

(Judy is a featured artist on CD's of Ric Sandler, Karen Elder, Gypsy Caravan, and Stewart Francke)